hey woke up at like 11 this morning..
slacked around a bit den went for training
reached home ard 8pm.. ~

btw turkey beat south korea 3-2
fren bet $500 on turkey ~;p~

was planning to do the links 2nite.. but juz so lazy..



its finally the end of the week.. so happy~
had a good day of pool wif stacey today [correction stacey says she played like shit]
{ahahha din know u read this blog stacey .. helloooo~}
actually had an audience of assorted bengs watching the game

check out this webby.. its really one of the most professional looking webpages ive seen..

will be adding a mass of links on the left soon.. wait for them.. ~ ;p ~

trying out various backgrounds now.. its killing me trying to do graphic editing with only microsoft paint..
n running into probs here n there


went for tkd after all.. may be quitting soon cos of bball..
n also played bball at thomson cc after tt...


a drawing by tingshan on the back of her gp paper ~;p~ i can see the sun~
-click for full image-

check out the class photos..
-click on thumbnail to see full image-

sch now.. break ... so sleepy will catch up on my sleep after this~;p~

ok did the class photos liao.. sleep~ zzZ~

scanned n uploaded most of the pics.. now figuring out how to place them so that they can be accessed from this blogspot..

really tired now..
juz edited huawei's blogspot

planning to do the cl compo tmr during maths lect.. looks like its back to the old routine..

also trying to make this blogspot less vulgar.. ~;p~
however some of the changes i made dun seem to be getting thru to the server ley..

brazil won.. tt means i win $$ again!!~

running out of space for all the photos n vids.. so had to open another free 25mb account wif homex singapore

so tired.. nite..


oh yeah.. going to scan a pic of the sun tt tingshan drew on the back of her gp common test paper when i get home
class pics n huawei's pics as well..
but b4 tt still got to do cl compo.. tmd.. :(

sch's over. finally.
training starts soon.. looks like tdy will be a 2.4day.. :|

b for gp

tonight's brazil vs. turkey n im betting on brazil. they cant lose.
lalala~ felt really tired earlier in the day .. cos of sleeping less than 3 hours a nite for 2 nites in a row
hopefully can tahan today's training

y does every gp teacher wonder if her lesson is boring to us? maybe our class juz give every single gp teacher tt sian look? ~;p~
who knows..

have decided to get sth for huawei to take with him as he leaves.
people splitting so far shld be pat kat leanne mel me jloh gerald 'olc'jac n jove
pat says she'll ask her friend about it. appearantly her fren's father owns monstercue.

going for training cya
may upload some more stuff tonight~

ok uploaded six video clips ~ ;p ~
time to sleep .. going to be tired again tmr wad wif training n everything..

managed to post some interesting clips on
to download them please right-click and select save target as... ~ ;p hope u guys like them
the server's quite fast takes abt 1min 30secs to d/l 4.5mb using a 256kbps connection
btw impt some of these clips need the xviD codec to be installed before viewing.. the 2 breakdance clips if i remember correctly~
download xviD codec
some may require the QuickTime viewer.. the bruce lee ones ~
get the QuickTime viewer from its site

pls note all files available for download are from my server courtesy of homex and singapore ONE n so are guranteed safe
all downloads have been tested too

hope to add some mp3s in the future.. maybe some class photos as well
any requests? ~;p~

yea finally managed to finish some hw...
gonna be a few busy days finishing up all the holiday hw..
like kat says both of us need to become muggers ~

d for econs
a for chinese

a bit tired.. shoulders ache
tdy's training wasnt as tiring as expected.. tmr's one will be though
me also disappointed n sad wif myself n my lack of self-control

watched germany vs korea at windmill in holland v wif mel n jloh after my training
ahahahaha germany won 1-0
tt makes me abt $110 up from world cup so far ~ ;p ~

trying to figure out a way to put the vids online
n yeah jloh i d/l the ludacris remix song liao.. the tune n music is nice. not the words.
shit.. something going wrong wif my com cant even download anything.. :(
no mood to fix it now

figured out wads the prob.. my download accelerator is killing my downloads dunno y though

yo huawei me will scan ur pics some other day maybe tmr or sth.. will upload n send the link 2 u
i still havent return ur film though


got some common tests back yesterday
so screwed up
d for geog
d for c maths
dunno wad the rest will be shld get them all by this week :(

yeah n im not in a fucked up mood anymore recovered from looking at my old fucking emails liao juz tt still a bit sad though.. fuck...
n tts like the 30th fuck since this blogspot was started.. in 3 or 4 posts..

seem to be flooding this blogspot wif posts now
but tts cos its a new thing to me so still fucking enthuasiatic abt it think it will wear off as time goes by...
things usually get boring after a while

yea jloh got 2 really good breakdance mtvs want u to see when im free i'll find a way to upload them so u can dl [both mtvs by this breakdance group called flying steps]
vids i haf are -breakin' it down- n -we are electric-
n any breakdance videos by kuzo or soul control are usually good maybe i'll upload some of tt too
hope u got a fast connection

hey got an idea maybe shld put a downloads section in the left frame.. i'll work on tt when i haf time
shld be mostly vids like breakdance videos bball videos n nike/adidas/pepsi/wadever brand ads

n something i did fucked up the html/java coding on my blogspot
fuck. no idea what it is n i hate scrolling through all the funny words n symbols to correct one fullstop or sth liddat.

sian in sch..
supposed to be doing research for ipw now.. yah rite..
sch started yesterday n its the same as ever fucking boring most lessons...
got training today though... so at least something to look foward to
jiunhaur's not here so it will be less pia for once
his recovery rate is incredible

realised tt my vision is getting worse..
mistook someone i din know for kenny n ended up looking damn fucking stupid in the corridor
yea.. at least got a new pair of specs.. haven worn one for a long time

heard about odac week from anhui
looking foward to the rock climbing there's going to be dunno if can take part though
wif training n gryphon cup coming up

btw huawei's right next to me now n he's trying desperately to start up the rjc library com which happens to be probably older than we are
by the time he gets it going it will be break time already.
din know tt rjc system admin so fuckin screwed up tt they allow two people to log in from two different coms wif the same username n password at the same time

bored. huawei's leaving for australia n the rest are doing ipw
kat mel n the new jac din come to sch kat n mel will come later though [yah rite mel..]

ahahahahaa huawei's finally managed to start up the computer.

juz scanned this. pat was bored in lectures.
click on it for the big version

eh check out huawei's newly started blog..
the link's on the left under [::..-to the rest of the fucked up world-..::]
keatwei's one is there too ~ ;p ~

oh f.. its the next day liao.. hope my mother dun wake up n start scolding cos its a bit late here ~ ;p ~

hey realised tt to get ur html code changes to take effect u need to post or edit n post a blogpost~ funny service provider

been adding little changes here n there the whole nite.. getting a bit late cya all in sch tmr ~ or wadever ~

oh yea n good luck to kat for her french exams later today !! ~ :p ~ gogogo!!!!!

hey first blog
dunno what the hell this is supposed to be
muddling my way thru this at some unholy hour in the middle of the night
decided to blog cos i read some fren's blogs. n some blogs of ppl who are not frens
n was checking out my old emails ended up feeling so fucked up
n so sad. i need a drink probably will hangover in sch tmr

-realise sth-
this site provider is as fucked up as the rest of the world
realise tt all my html editing isnt getting thru
dunno if its fuckin lag or if their server is juz screwed up
or maybe its normal compared to the rest of the bloody world.


just reading this post is making me think i shld cut down on swearing
first post n there's already like 5 fucks etc.
but then again given the screwed up mood im in. fuck the world man.

huawei's sleeping
kat's mugging for french [thks kat for the bubble gum frm dubai my sis really liked it]
pat's sleeping
joy's probably not so joyful anymore after common test results
leanne's mugging or sleeping for her acjc common tests
youyi's sleeping

wheres the fucking world when u need it
n midnight's coming. got a lot to do tonight (slack.. shower.. pack stuff)

n in the word of limp bizkit "n if i say fuck juz 2 more times tts 10 bloody fucks in this fuckin rhyme"
[i know it dun fucking rhyme but im in a fucked-up mood. n tt makes it 12]

trying to change the name of this blog to something other than fuckin [test]
but the fucking blog server tells me tt [this page is not available]
fuck it. gonna bathe n sleep n pack n wake up for a day in a fucked up world tomorrow
maybe it wun look so fucked up then. things always look better in the morning.

amazing. the fucking blog server actually accepted my changes
juz realised im starting to sound like j.loh
maybe its the fucked up mood.. or was it those emails?

finally getting the hang of it
n anhui juz came online seems im not the only one who cant sleep ;p
thanks anhui.. ~ ;p ~ for ur comments ~ poetry ~ n ur making me feel better..~ thx..
dun worry ur common tests aint tt bad.. its normal i think.. im also getting around there...

strange tt the blog changes are in effect so fast but the html n java changes take so fucking long
ok tts it. no more swearing on this blog tdy.

this is gonna be a real long post
looks like im not gonna sleep much tonight unless my mother wakes up n chases me to bed which
will piss me off even more than i am feeling f***ed up now [see.. no swearing]