Better Basketball

has some basic but very useful stuff on it.. under the tips section...

in response to sam : cloudyskyrider@yahoo.com

anyway its ok now, we quarrelled and talked things through.. yup.
peace. =p


sigh.. what is this?
i know you don't mean it, but still it hurts.


bball today shiok..
good experience of playing with/against a national centre...

with : great security on the boards, easy to loft the high pass to him in the paint.
against : great difficulty getting boards, double-team, still no way to stop his hook.. must be something like 95% accuracy... mad hook~


miss you..

heh did weights on mon tues wed fri this week..
after weights tdy (with yaodong n yowie)
went to j8 eat n play arcade

i set the high score on some airplane game in the j8 arcade! shiok!!
on one token only!!!~

after that played pool at the place behind somerset.
jerome vs me 2-2
me and lawrence then played billards, its quite fun.
he trashed me in the first game, then second game i beat him. got a feeling he let me win though.~


weights today shiok!!


played ball at ri today with dehan, dong, lawrence n changer...
dong quite pro now.. and dehan great improvement.


is blogger lagging..

oh! prom!!
prom was quite fun sat with some bballers and some others (jeffery, tall dualan, yekeng, jansen, wu). most of it was spent taking photos though. oh photos.. heh when i get around to scanning them in they will go into my yahoo! photo album. anybody having problems accessing their yahoo! mail? im having probs with mine...
think the highlight was the dance king/queen.. zhihon and suching... entertaining dance item they did.. and... prom king.. TOUSIF!!!!! nice one!

speaking of suching.. sijie... ahaha... happy liao now right?? heh..

yup as to what's been happening to me lately..
lets see.. a levels are over, mine ended relatively late (only on dec 1 cos i take lit s paper)
well overall they were ok i suppose, but have question marks hanging over lit and econs, and am also unsure of whether i will pass lit s. yup.

been playing lots. class chalet : though turnout was disappointing, still enjoyed myself quite a bit.. island life... ahaha... [yes caixia i know i never laugh like that in real life]

other than that .. playing bball, running and lifting a bit to try to get ready for ns... yup.

hc : things are ok.. had a brief spell of unhappiness some time back.

hey all. its been a long time.

to hc and sam : would you mind introducing yourselves?

ok lets see..

recommended cd

Steve Oliver : Positive Energy
produced and distributed by Steve Oliver Music and Native Language Entertainment Group

another cd which grows on you. its guitar with some tracks having a slight dash of vocals. if you found latino passion too heavy to listen to early in the morning or for long periods of time and wanted some cleaner and lighter but just as lively guitar sounds, this album is good.

it cost me $22 i think at music junction. 12 tracks.