abt the new harry potter book : good ideas, bad storytelling.


finally finished the econs i set out to do.. yeah!!


well.. j1s...
have you all been woken up today?


some marvinisms..
heheh.. roberthorry
as in how?


on the same subject as the last post..
..... man .....


juz read some j1 baller's blog last nite..

"on thursdae i saw the underdog win. saw giants dethroned. gd job hc for beatin sa." actually i think they went in equal.. cos sa didnt have their no. 14... but good job hc...

"watchin them play i cudn help by wonder, 'are we gd enuff to be playin here nxt yr?' and after awhile i decided emphatically, yes. admittedly we're a very raw team. there's alot alot to be done. but i believe e potential is there. we train now wif e aim of bein champions nxt yr. "
cmon wake up guys.. get a coach now and start training seriously before next season rolls around and rj gets raped in the first round..
good aim.. but work towards it... at this present rate of trng it wont do...


took sat 2 today..
lit writing and maths ii c
ok lar not too bad...
think preperation helps mainly the maths.. cos lit and writing are like cumulative subjects cant really be studied...

went to the sat i room and sat down n registered b4 i realised that i should be there then chionged to the sat ii room.. *blur*