happy cny all~..

eating lots of cookies...


back for chinese new year, have a long bookout until sunday..

so far ns is quite slack, went in for 7 days only did pushups for the first time on the 6th day. and only the 7th day was something like how i thought ns would be, with a fair amount of pt. the rest of the time.. sit until backside pain in lectures. thought go ns would be alot of muscles pain but not backside. cos of sitting down too much.
but it should pick up soon anyway.~


i'm enlisting on wednesday, so this will be the last post on this blog for at least until chinese new year, which is next thursday or so. in fact probably the cny weekend.
take care all.~


all.. going into ns on 14 jan wednesday 9am..

school of rock is good.~ good show.~


had a mini-op to remove a wart on my finger, got a crater there now..

listening to a new album i bought today, marcos ariel's magic eyes. will post a review sometime later.~

nice giving u "therapy" today~~