hey its been a long long time..
training's 4 times a week now...
tues wed thurs sat
tues, thurs at NIE
wed at bedok cc
sat in ri
gonna do gym too.. must be stronger.. shall try to do mon wed fri..
see how lar

did gym today too.. wah pecs can die...
now like gonna cramp gonna cramp liddat...

at NIE played with this bunch of 'old' men..
some of them are good
but there was one thin gay-ish oldman who was elbowing everybody
everyone damn pissed off with him
cant stand this sort of players
but anyway we played with anger so it drove us a bit more i think..


phantom planet - lonely day

I could tell from the minute I woke up
It was going to be a lonely lonely
lonely lonely day.
Rise and shine rub the sleep out of my eyes
And try to tell myself I can't
go back to bed
It's gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day.

Even though the sun is shining down on me
and I should feel about as happy as can be
I just got here and I already want to leave
It's gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day

Everybody knows that something's wrong
But nobody knows what's going on
We all sing the same old song
When you want it all to go away
It's shaping up to be a lonely day

I could tell from the minute I woke up
it was going to be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day.


yup anyway she says she rather i not post anything about us here cos it makes her feel exposed..
so this is the last one that will have anything about us... unless she changes her mind lar~ ;p

shes at ophir now.. missing her real bad already...
said some things to her last night that i now think i shouldnt have.. sighz... din wanna make her sad..
hope that everything will turn out alright...
shld be seeing her on tues or wed after she's back..
miss you girl *hug*

traning today was killing.. dont know how i made it through
played ok in the game ...~
average... really need to bring my game level up...
n work on my shooting etcetc
didnt rebound at all today just felt so.. dunno.. static...
argh.. :(

been trying to upload the marshie stuff but the homex server is down again...


pissed n frustrated n tired n dunno what else

hey.. long time nvr post...

theres gonna be halloween marshies on the marshie home as soon as i get around to scanning and uploading them..

tdy was 90% trng.. quite tiring.. or maybe we're just getting all unfit
need to run more i think
but the game wasnt bad..

probably gonna go esplanade tomorrow night~ ;p
heh didja hear that the esplanade roof is leaking??!?!?! wahahahhahaa.. they spend hundreds of millions building it and the durian leaks!!! ahahahahahaha!!!!


hey in the rj library now..
waiting for her to finish training..
bball ended early agian because of rain.. sigh... how are we supposed to make it next year if the rain keeps on interrupting our trainings?
its not good lar.. we're supposed to be piaing like crazy now..

chinese ao's in 3 days..supposed to be studying for it now..
juz quite lazy and sick of chines.. im about halfway through the blue book don't think id finish it lar..
surrounded by j2s mugging their hearts out and im the only j1 in the library... pressure...!!~

ahahahaha got 2 j2s beside me playing sewage surfer on neopets.. guess they need to destress too..

don't wanna study juz wanna spend whole day with you.. but have to study lar argh.. :(
phohoa's noodles really nice... u shld try the adventurer's choice next time.. all the funny tripe and stuff floating around inside..
the combination tastes really good though.. next time go there must eat dessert!~ the fried banana with ice cream.. ahahaaha we're both gonna get fat at the rate we eat.. ;p

oh i was reading neil gaiman's sandman volume 3 just now.. his ideas are really fascinating.. deep and dark and disturbing.. he seems to have some sort of fixation on the romano-grecian pantheon of gods and deities though... and some of his ides really hard to grasp..
think what was said in the foreword is true.. that neil gaiman is always on that edge of half-awakedness and half unconsciousness.. always on the verge of breaking out of a dream and yet remaining on the borders of dreamland all the time.. great ideas he has i think..

better start chinese soon.. tired...