check this out...
yaoming doing hakeem the dream's dream shake!!
the shanghai shake! its real good..
right click and "save as" to watch yaoming's Shanghai Shake!!


spent the whole day doing nothing..
couldnt train bball myself cos it was pouring the whole afternoon.. :(
at this rate my schwork is gonna die...

btw cafe del mar albums are really damn good..
jazz and chill...


and i miss you badly..


todays training was pure murder..
or maybe its juz because ive been having trngs for 2 days...
yest morn tkd.. afternoon bball
tdy morn bball cip.. afternoon bball...

nvr had thigh hamstring calf bicep tricep and stomach cramp on the same day b4..
like stretch tricep then bicep cramp.. stretch thigh then hamstring cramp...
can die..
almost cramped out just climbing the stairs to bathe..


so tired..
miss her like crazy...
sigh... a week more to go..


hey guys..
check this out...
its really really cool n nice..
~pocketful of stars~