yesterday i predicted LBJ would average 14ppg.. looks like i was way wrong...
LBJ - 25 pts, 9 assists, 6 rebs, 4 steals respect!

incredible stats being put up today.. but these are the ASG regulars... so these are something like their normal stats... respect

ben wallace - 16 points, 17 rebounds and six blocks
garnett - 25 points, 21 rebounds and six assists
TD - 21 rebounds, 17 points and eight blocks
Nowitzki - 29 pts, 15 rebs
VC - 39pts, 5 rebs

!! marcus camby - 20 rebs


suns 82 spurs 83

TD - 24, 12, 6

no wonder he's the MVP..

lakers 109 mavs 93

Malone nearly had a triple-double with 15 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists. So did Payton, who had 21 points, nine assists and seven boards. And O'Neal was hardly tested, collecting 16 points and nine rebounds.

lakers are killing everybody as expected.. even without kobe...

"Wade looked very good in the opening half, when he scored 14 of his 18 points. But he suffered a hip injury in a collision and was hobbled in the second half. Odom had yet to take a shot when he suffered a sprained right ankle late in the first quarter that required X-rays. He did not return. "

Miami Heat injuries in 1st season game.. vs 76ers..
89 - 74 to 76ers

didnt know tt iverson is 5th all time in scoring.. 27.0 ppg for 7 seasons straight... and still going strong.. he had 26 this game

wade may be the rookie of the year if melo and lebron dont play well..
prediction : lebron - 13-14ppg melo - 15-18ppg

wade scored 18 in his first game

"They (the starters) expect us to come in and just give them a quick blow," Green said. "I think that is what our jobs are right now as reserves - just come in, give (the starters) a quick blow and try to give a spark." - willie green, 76ers bench



hey "me" who are you?
can just icq or sms me if you dun wanna put here.. thx.



"when a female stares into the eyes of a guy, an invisible thread of understanding and enlightenment is formed, and from the realms of each soul emits hormones which travel along these invisible threads and try to pry into the other's eyes. sparks of chemistry fly and a possible or rather, probable relationship blossoms. yet when a male stares into the eyes of a guy, an invisible thread of understanding and enlightenment is formed too, and from the realms of one's palm emits a muscle hypertension which lets fly the third finger, and sparks fly, while a possible, or rather, probable blackeye blossoms."

from waikit's blog

tell me..


everybody.. you must get this new cd just out by amigo records...
Latino Passion
by Gerardo Amigo...
its 2 cds close to 30 bucks... but worth every cent!!


"The A.I. offense...get the ball to AI and clear out." -- Kevin Ollie, on the offense they ran when he was playing in Philly.

using friendster..
quite fun now but i think it'd get boring after a while ...

oh and go see my photo album!


happy bday angel! *hug*

AA3 progress : week 2 - negligible i think

started studying for a levels already going at 90% now..
think i should started looking around for unis
any recommendations for unis offering a major in psych or finance/banking or marketing? (preferably with a lit minor)

oh the page may have something wrong cos of the counter.. so if you get a trunucated page press refresh until you get the full-length page

prelims are ok lah.. need to pick up yet another notch for a levels though...
B B B B B3 M
lit geog econs maths gp lit S


AA3 progress : week 1 - 1/2"

tomorrow's prelim results~
i predict b b b b
at first still thought can get a a b b
budden geog and maths dun think can get a already..

did my revision schedule today... its ok lah

trying out some counter thing for the blog.. saw it on birdblog