hey ppl been really bz n tired out these few days so no time to blog..

my good frens' in some trouble have to help him.. hope i dun screw up my entire life by helping him...

wth man..


dont know y i am so lazy..
this morning tried to do my hw...
den did for a while.. den juz gave up...
at this rate im goign to fail like shit.. damn...

hey been really bz so havent had time to blog..
anyway tdy gryphon cup was really horrible..
we got trashed by the classics 24 - 51.. :(
everybody played like shit.. dont know what happened it just turned into a rout...

lots of hw ..

tdy's my mothers bday~


my bloody printer got a freakin paper jam n the thing is so advanced i cant even figure a way to open it.. :(

new marshies on marshiehome soon~!


limin's homepage/blog is up..

pink glitter


yo the marshie home is finally up!!
check it out!!!

~the marshie home!~

more marshies!!! ~ ;p ~ now u know what we do in school..

bandshies and assorted marshies

the akuma marshie.. if you played streetfighter you should know who akuma is~

cherie n mel's colourful crayon rainbow marshie ~;g

mel's headphone marshie and my fishing marshie

the marshie dream (by mel) : to market marshie so that the entire world can get their hands on the common symbol of hope and faith! when you're sad :( marshie will bring light to your life :) yaay!

coming soon : the origins of marshie~ ;p ~

hey yo been really bz lately..
bball on tues and wed tiring come home eat bathe sleep already...
anyway wed training was more tough than usual...
had training.. den played full court game... den ran 2.4...~
till now the lactic acid haven fully removed from body yet..

inspired by joshua so shall do pullups every break and after sch every day ~;p

getting the marshie home up soon..


more marshies!!!!!

the anti-pms marshie by cherie ~ i really really like this one ~ ;p ~ its very very good..~

jlow's marshie fest during lit othello~!!

jlow's 2nd marshie fest during lit pc~!!


oh yea.. and keep ur eyes peeled for the opening of the marshie home..~ yea!



forgot to mention tt my latest 2.4 is still the same 10.31 ...
lost to zicao again.. by 9 seconds... :(
one day i will beat him!!!!! ~ :p ~

btw thx cherie n mel for ur comments abt this blogsite~ ;p!!

rendy came over to my place tdy.. been a really long time since i last saw him good to see old friends again.. hes ban4 gong1 ban4 du2 now..
working at swensen's and stuying food & beverage at shatec...
not much change in him since we met about 9 years ago... just that hes a lot more mature now~
more mature than me i think.. its the soft jc life... :(~

shawn ang put his photo album up online..
looking at the photos of one of our ubin cycling trips.. shawn me shanon chengyu...
its been a long time since the last one.. half a year?
brings back lots of memories...
check out the photos here

read stormrider by david gemmell today..its one of his latest books... as with all his books its really good cant put it down
but it also depresses me... good but depressing writer.. read any one of his books and you'll understand what i mean...



had a level cl listening compre today.. was quite ok lar...
den after tt had racial harmony day rehearsal.. im supposed to model the yukata for the jap club in a competition on stage...~

had training.. din play tt well until towards the end when i started concentrating.
btw frank's a fuck (franks our coach)
he skips trainings even when he says hes going to come
what a fucked up bastard coach with no fucking sense of responsiblilty and no fucking seriousness about coaching us. he should just fucking crawl back under the rock he came from
to frank : "tiu2 lei1 lou3 mou3" hope u understand cantonese.

oh yea!! got jersey today!!! no. 12 (same number as pri sch) !!!! ahahahhahaa so happy..lalalalala~ ;p ~


--reposted for cherie--

its a marshie.. created by cherie "marshies represent hope n faith"
ahahaha.. available in all major department stores ..
models include :
i) the original marshie ii) the gay marshie iii) the "my butt is messed up" marshie iv) the "welcome to marshie land" marshies
featured here is the "my butt is messed up" marshie~
get them now!!

hey.. watched dog soldiers tdy..
hanboon's full of shit.. said its a comedy...
then we all thought its nc-16 because of obscene or racist jokes
wtf.. turned out to be a werewolf movie wif people dying and lots of intestines spilling out all over the place..
nc-16 for blood and gore... wth..

but on the other hand dog soldiers is not bad at all..
its quite a good show considering that its done on a shoestring budget

downloaded all the and1 mixtapes (its bball)
n ali g - in da house (ra) [this is for obscene and racist jokes not porn or violence]
havent got around to watching all of them yet..
the and1 mixtapes are really good so far though...
but they are all around 200mb each so i dun think i'll be uploading them anytime soon~

if u don't know.. and1 is a brand of bball related street clothes n shoes.. n bball stuff of cos...
its so big in us now among streetballers its bigger than nike
the mixtapes feature actual people who live in philldelphia NY LA and some other places in US i cant remember playing against the and1 streetballers... great to watch...


heres cherie's latest doodle ~ ;p ~ -angel-

n jlow~.. the pic u wanted scanned
its a new marshie!!! -the rainbow marshies- "welcome to marshieland"~
-hey jlow releax n take it easy man.. dun take it so hard...-

somehow the girls from hockey n volleyball n various assorted sports ccas make me feel more alive..
like i come to school as always feeling half dead
den i see them so energetic so lively n i tt wakes me up~
ahahhaaa.. helps me through boring lessons~ xueying esp. in geog~ lalala entertainment ahhaha ;p

amazing.. the blog can be published again...

having a few problems with html so haf to keep u waiting for a while sorry limin~
;p hang on in there.. yeah!! finally got it done liao

btw shiqin i agree wif u .. u r nuts tdy~ ;p ~

thursdays are sucky school days.. :(
whole day lessons until 350..
den cos tues n wed got training so always very tired on thurs
suffer my way through lessons..

was so tired that when i was sleeping on the bus on the way home i almost fell off the chair.. and i missed my bus stop by 3 stops
woke up totally blur and realised that i was way past my stop..

think im rally really crazy about basketball already..
when i fall asleep in class (often) i dream of myself playing bball like 80% of the time... ~

ahahahaha.. finally finished my cl homework.. ahahahhahaha.. ~ ;p ~
y din i take hcl in sec4.. moment of stupidity...

now this blogger tells me publishing is temp. unavailable.. y? 'server went boom'
full of shit.. ie they have no idea whats wrong
what the f... shld find a more reliable blog server... :(


rushing hw late into the nite sucks big time.


tired from bball..
ahahaha my 2.4 improving everytime i run..
my time now is 10.31 ...
zhichao is my target.. everytime i run faster he picks up as well and always beats me by about 10-15 secs no matter what my time.. alamak... will catch him one day

targets now : 2.4 sub-10 by end of j1, sub-9 by end of j2, dunk by end of j2 ~ ;p ~
yea.. n get into the first team~

decided to slack off tonight (whats new?) and not do much hw..

hey in sch now
training later...

juz had a level chinese oral.. was ok lar
except for the reading towards the end i lost concentration n started looking at the birds flying in the sky n reading at the same time.. so lost the usual rythm luckily managed to get it back before the end of the passage
conversation was on "huan3 bao3"
my mind was blank and then the words started coming out. ok lar~

dont think i will retake it even if i dun get a for chinese this round.. have to concentrate on the other subjects as well..

slept at 5am and woke up at 7am yesterday
met shawn for breakfast but cafe cartel had closed its breakfast.. :( what a waste
so we watched windtalkers instead.. not bad...
almost as good as minority report..
which would have been much better if it wasnt so long
played pool with jlow gerald stacey n jlow's fren mark
mark was quite good

its only 9 days into the month and im already in desperate need of cash.. :(
cos the bball jersey is 45 bucks n i haf to pay by today... ahahahhaa... number 12!!!!!

- ;p -


its 5 in the morning n i havent slept..
been surfing net n chatting..
doing my chinese compo .. n bumming around
downloading ali g - in the house.. huge file 200mb ++

feeling really guilty abt treating my mother badly
she woke up at 4am and came down to check on me
i barely said two sentences to her and dint even turn my head to look at her
why am i so bad to my own mother??
everytime i tell my self its the last time.. but everytime it comes out again... why?
why am i such a bad person..


after lunch.. sian...
y am i so lazy... at this rate my laziness will let me study in the new rjc campus...

back from bball training n dinner... tiring.. played like shit today was confused on the defensive end n made a lot of mistakes..

oh man.. i love weezer's island in the sun...
download it here ~~

weezer - island in the sun
right click n choose 'save as'

great song!!!
lalala.. i love island in the sun..


my mp3 listening list now.. all great songs...
also looking for propellerheads - take california

X-Press2 feat. David Bryne - Lazy
Gorillaz - 19-2000
Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine
Seal - Kiss From A Rose
Love United - Live For Love United
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
Nelly feat St. Lunatics - Batter Up
P. Diddy feat. Usher - I Need A Girl (part1)
Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation
Puddle of Mudd - Blurry
Weezer - Island In The Sun [this one is really really good]
Ludacris feat. Foxy Brown, Shauna and Trina - What's Your Fantasy (remix) [not for the underaged]

wth am i doing now.. supposed to be mugging but juz dun feel like it..

early morning mugging maths~
mel~~ ahahaha.. i can do summation now!! thx to u n cherie~ on to induction!!

working on the links n stuff.. in progress...
template updating seems to be lagging a bit..

only beginning to realise how good christie is at web designing..

uh-oh.. running into some probs now... :(
ok mostly solved.. thx christie...~;p~

the blogspot web host fucked up again..
they removed all my archived blogs.. screw them
n the page takes freaking long to load...

watched minority report tdy.. its not bad.. a tad long though...

check out the pic on the left... new one.. u shld see it provided the server dun screw up again...
its a marshie.. "marshies represent hope n faith"
ahahaha.. available in all major department stores ..
models include : i) the original marshie ii) the gay marshie iii) the "my butt is messed up" marshie
featured here is the "my butt is messed up" marshie~
get them now!!

fucked up host
i posted this last nite..
n this is the next morning n its not out yet..

amazing!! it works!!!


heyhey ..
thursday long day.. :(

huawei.. sorry i couldnt see u off.. had training..
wish i could have..
anyway contact me once u get ur web access in australia on..
n take care!!

my schwork is really gone.. n im still so slack...
better start doing sth soon

not much mood to blog tdy


yo schs over early on wed.. i love wednesdays..
got training later thou~ ahahha~
last lesson was gp.. this new teachers not as bad as the previous one.. but somehow gp lesson disscussions make me feel sleepy rather than talkative... no idea why
maybe its the topic.. kast term was battle of the sexes this term its education.. typical cliched government sian topics..

have done the ipw survey and will be putting it online soon.. please do it if u havent been approached via email or personally already.. thx ~ ;p ~

going for jap club meeting soon.. it actually slipped my mind tt im in jap club..
shows how much jap club i go for.. supposed to be some meeting for jap fest.. oh well..

been a few days...~
been rather bz lately n juz lazy to update my blog..

anyway training entering full swing now~

n btw discovered what sleeping early can do for u..
slept b4 11 last nite den felt so energetic the whole of today..~

finally planning to go for jap club tmr.. ahahahhaa

n actually signed up for some syf opening ceremony thing but cant go cos i got training so haf to get a replacement..
stacey will probably go for me~~ ahahaha

*raindrops keep falling on my head / but tt doesnt mean my eyes will soon be turning red / cryings not for me*
tts wad i was singing walking home in the pouring rain at 830pm after training tdy..~ ;p ~

oh yea.. the "lazy" pic on top was wad i did when i was bored in class.. jlow's pens i think~

ahahah juz realised tt ive been spelling jlow's name wrongly as jloh all this time.. alamak.. *blur*