hey ppl~:p
been mugging econs the whole day..
hopefully can finish all subjects in time for promos...
geog is rather risky though... only planning to study abt half~ cos of time constraints...

life's good..~;p
even though was so stressed a few days ago tt one or two hairs turned white...
realised tt i need to study in end of year hols to catch up so i can conc on new stuff in j2..
and of cos theres training!!!! we must win man!!!! ~ ~

shawn ang sent me this cool website its really nice go check it out HERE!!
and bball ppl.. this site has quite good tips.. sign up for their tips mailing list!! Coach Torbett's Tips

marshiehome update : just scanned 2 new marshies by mel - an unnamed one and a sheepshie.. however homex s-one is down so i cant upload the pix juz yet.. keep ur eyes peeled though!!~


yea updates finally!!
on marshiecrew home!!!! ~:P~
a new marshie -- [colourshie by cherie]
and ..... a pic of the marshie crew!!! wad u've all been waiting for!!! woohoo!!!!!~~

{ the marshie home here!!!!! }


yo guys working on a little update for marshie site!!
should be up soon!!



sent her home late last nite
.. :( made her get scolded by mother...

now quite stressed by amt of hw n revision needed...


we went to gloria jean's in holland v tdy.. it was really great
we just sat in a sofa and slept our worries away... i really fell asleep~
so nice and peaceful and releaxing like the rest of the world didn't exist..
beautiful day.. ~;p~

downloaded part of the xXx soundtrack listening to it its mostly heavy metal.. not bad actually ~ think it really suits the movie ~

oh updates coming soon on marshieland!!~ ;p


hey sorry been really busy since sch started..~ ;p

studying for promos wif you.. =p

ran canal route yesterday.. tts abt 5km took 26.55 ... could be faster i think...


hey just added a section of lit links.. poetry and writing... really good sites esp. the poetry ones... enjoy!!

hey this is a really nice poem.. read it aloud with the correct stresses... then its beautiful...

The Border {by JP}

When all the world is quiet,
And the weary lay down to sleep,
My thoughts go skimming like sailboats
Across the ocean’s vast deep.

Over the whitecaps foaming,
Where the seagulls and petrels soar,
To the land of Never, Never,
To stand on that distant shore,

Watching the far horizon,
For visions of you to arise,
Eyelids grow heavy with waiting,
And sleep comes softly with sighs.

[stresses in caps]

When ALL the WORLD is QUIet,
And the WEARy lay DOWN to SLEEP,
My THOUGHTS go SKIMMing like SAILboats
aCROSS the Ocean's vast DEEP. (o in ocean's)

Over the WHITEcaps FOAMing (o in over)
Where the SEAgulls and PETrels SOAR,
To the LAND of NEVer, NEVer,
To STAND on that DIStant SHORE.

WATCHing the FAR hoRIZon,
For VISions of YOU to aRISE,
EYElids grow HEAVy with WAITing,
And SLEEP comes SOFTly with SIGHS.


its a happy happy holiday...~

went to watch about a boy at lido its really funny..
we bought the last two tickets so no choice had to sit in the corner of the front row...
but wasnt that bad after all... except that the lady behind me crossed her legs and her heels ended up next to my head..
after that went to buy something.. *heh*
then we went to crepes 'n' creame at hereen for dinner its not bad.. had chicken teriyaki crepe actually quite substantial.. though it would be very light .. the place was very noisy though...
after that we took mrt to raffles place.. walked to boat quay... saw a bride n groom couple taking wedding photos
had trouble finding a nice spot.. but finally found one... wonderful night ~;p~
after that sent her home.. its a longlongloooong walk to the busstop for me to go home from her place... but its ok...
was worried that her mother would scold her cos i sent her home almost an hour late... but it seems that things turned out fine~

heh we were supposed to watch at bugis but we realised that bugis wasnt screening about a boy.
kailun and mel went to watch lilo n stitch at bugis!! heh if we went there would have bumped into them..

training's ending for exams soon..
tomorrow is the last training until after exams...
will have to train with jervis and the guys on our own for then...

heh will study together on monday.. and tuesday... and every school day...


found a nice song while i was surfing a poetry forum. its by some scottish/irish band who supposedly never sing sober~..

the Pogues - Lorelei

You told me tales of love and glory
Same old sad songs, same old story
The sirens sing no lullaby
And no-one knows but Lorelei
By castles out of fairytales
Timbers shivered where once there sailed
The lovesick men who caught her eye
And no-one knew but Lorelei
River, river have mercy
Take me down to the sea
For if I perish on these rocks
My love no more I'll see
I've thought of you in far-off places
I've puzzled over lipstick traces
So help me God, I will not cry
And then I think of Lorelei
I travel far and wander wide
No photograph of you beside me
Ol' man River's not so shy
And he remembers Lorelei
River, river have mercy
Take me down to the sea
For if I perish on these rocks
My love no more I'll see
If I should float upon this stream
And see you in my madman's dream
I'd sink into your troubled eyes
And none would know 'cept Lorelei
River, river have mercy
Take me down to the sea
For if I perish on these rocks
My love no more I'll see
But if my ship, which sails tomorrow
Should crash against these rocks,
My sorrows I will drown before I die
It's you I'll see, not Lorelei


went for scholarship talks tdy
den came back had lunch n slept till juz now..
lazy me.. ~;p

went for the scholarship talks by myself at first
den i asked her abt it turned oout she was coming down..
so managed to spend some time together.. ~=)
she looked great today..
we'll see each other on tues and wed again~;p~

life's great man..!!