ahaha.. Kobe...
"I don't get too many wide-open jump shots," he said. "They just pretty much stay inside my shirt 'til they find out what kind of deodorant I have on."

respect to shaq for this..
"said O'Neal, who posted his eighth career playoff game with at least 30 points and 20 rebounds - one more than every other active player in the league combined. "

lakers - timberwolves are tied 2-2
would be great if lakers got kicked out in first round of playoffs..
even thou no team has someone to match shaq..
so far the series shows that lakers has no one who can handle kg either..
hes doing his double double performances as per normal.. double-double for him getting to be common so common no one bothers to make a special mention of it anymore..
great draft pick by kevin mchale there...
maybe its the same long arms and post moves?
however seriously doubt tt lakers will lose to wolves in the end.. maybe theyd win 3-4
troy hudson cant go on scoring 20+ every night like he's done the last game... dunno maybe he's desperate to retain his place in the nba after getting kicked out once already

hey all..
today's a slack day
econs teacher, form teacher geog teacher not here..
lots of free periods today
one of them now
seems that ur class has shifted to ts5..
n ure stoning in class ;p

sch's really getting monotonous like every week the same.. :|

season starts on may 3rd im going back to trng on 30th of april.. little chance of getting back to condition in time for the first match..
wonder how its all gonna turn out..


some nice songs..

morcheeba - rome wasnt built in a day
morcheeba - way beyond
kings of convenience - i dont know what i can do to save you
kings of convenience - little kids (ladytron remix)
emiliana torrini - to be free

check out www.wkrz913.com


hey all its been a long time

common test :
maths - a
geog, lit - b
econs - c
gp - b
ok lar i guess.. could be better but not too bad

season starting on may 3rd
and im still not recovered :(
hope i can start training abt a week before the season if not id not be able to play well at all..
ach not much mood to type stuff


Spring is here..... Theeeeee.....
The sky is blue (whoa-ooooo)
Birds all sing
Like they do
Today's the day
We'll say "I do"
And we'll never be lonely anymore

dixie cups - chapel of love


still got bloody lit s essay to do not sure if im gonna drop lit s

juz signed up for ns..
medical checkup on 17th june 10am


finally finished the gp essay.. argh...
hand problems transferring the file from my mother's laptop to the com...
but its ok now

had a great time with u tdy angel ~ ;p ~