looking forward to the weekend.. batam and kbox! gryphon's cup is on too~

rag's fun n draining..

newest recommendation: Corinne Bailey Rae. good stuff. check out her song 'Put Your Records On' from her debut album, one of the many good songs there. she's also got some EPs - Like A Star and Gathering Dust i believe. let me know if there are others.

also, if anyone has sergio mendes' timeless... lend me!~ :D


guys.. ubin next sat, 29 jul 06!

some photos of cool stuff i saw in HK:

but before that, BRUCE LEE! (sadly, only at madame tussand's)

on to the cool stuff..

[nice chair]

[the body double tee by Goods of Desire]

[they have something called 'quiet cars' in the MRT (MTR) there]

[religious harmony tee by ice fire]

[Gaylord: the Indian Restaurant]


all the shots of cool stuff in HK HERE.


here's some backlog of photos, lots to post, so here's the link:

Ubin trip with shawn ang, terence chan & chua chengyu on 01 07 06!

back from HK!! great place, great people, great shopping~! photos to come

the week before HK was crazy packed, will get photos up sometime.~

and i'm now a powerseller! whee!


some updates coming.. its been a long long time~