read neil humphrey's scribbles from the same island today..
quite funny~
rj library quite well funded like every two weeks will have something like 15-25 new books.. mostly quite nice to read one...
gabetan.. dunno if you read this blog but theres 2 nietzsche and one bertrand russell (i think spell wrongly) related books there now...

thighs hamstrings and groin aching.. ouch...

xia > when youre free go pick up some books lah..
lianghui > salvation army store along bukit timah road.. can take 171 from town i think but quite a long ride.. frm town abt an hour or so by bus


last day of prelims on wednesday.. lit s...
actually studying for lit's always quite ok...~

started aa3 today.. feeling shiok can feel the strain especially in my thighs and a bit in my hamstrings... think im not doing the calves properly yet...
but quite shiok.. can feel the effect~


give up on econs already.


yo mr. xia.. add me to your icq my uin's 43007733
or drop me a mail cloudyskyrider@yahoo.com
its been a while how've you been?
will catch up with you after a's...

there was another one by chen mo i wanted.. but 30 bucks was my limit...

also left a few other good books behind... shall go back there someday with more cash

went to the salvation army shop at upper bukit timah today.. shiok found a lot of gems at dirt cheap prices... a mere $30 for all these little nuggets of gold...

1. rebels & reactionaries (anthology of great political stories) inc. george orwell [$2]
2. the complete prophecies of nostradamus (translated, and with an intepretation) [$2]
3. Spenser's complete poetical works [$2]
4. Edgar Allan Poe's tales of mystery and imagination [$3]
5. a midsummer night's dream (total study edition) [$3]
6. *an 1941 edition of Edna St. Vincent Millay's sonnets (selected by Millay herself)* [$2]
7. George Eliot's silas marner (intro by qd leavis) [$2]
8. RK Narayan's the guide [$1]
9. RK Narayan's a story-teller's world (collected essays stories sketches) [$1]
10. Eugene O'Neill's long day's journey into night [$1]
11. TS Eliot's the family reunion [$1]
12. Bernard Shaw's plays unpleasant (widowers' houses, the philanderer, mrs warren's profession) [$1]
13. *John Milton's paradise lost and paradise regained* [$2]
14. John Milton's shorter poems [$1]
15. Thomas Hardy's selected short stories (life's little ironies) [$1]
16. stories from six authors (greene, warren, joyce, faulkner, james, conrad) [$2]
17. Pramoedya Ananta Toer's awakenings (this earth of mankind, child of all nations) [$3 i think]

just shows that people don't know the value of what they discard..
lots of reading stuff for after a's.. sweet... especially the edna st. vincent millay one its a treasure...