went to the wake yesterday.. didnt really feel much at first but when i looked at her face in the coffin then suddenly felt sad. real sad. and just started praying to every god or deity i know for her.

glad that i was able to comfort you.. *hug*

after that went for mel's bday dinner at mariott but didnt really have the bday mood.. anyway the food was seafodd bbq buffet at the poolside not bad lar but the portions were so small so we had to keep on ordering and after some time the food gets boring... and also the quality was inconsistent sometimes very nice sometimes just ok. think the chef was getting tired of cooking so much for us. dont think chefs enjoy cooking this sort of buffet stuff.
then most of us went to the alley bar didnt drink thou..
had a pool session with gerald (he left early) n jlow after that.. came home close to 2. finished watching 20-something taipei. its not tt good i think not really enjoyable to watch. about 1/5 through city of god now.

works on schedule but revision is behind by some amount.


there was nothing which could be said,
for a beautiful child had passed into the night,
and the family's grief was beyond words.

really puts things into perspective..
suddenly all problems seem so much smaller and less significant compared to it...
when compared to going into the dark beyond, whatever the beyond is believed to be.


"If equal affection cannot be,
Let the more loving one be me"


"The Hawks had clearly the two best offensive players in the gym...unfortunately, it was coaches Alex English and Dominique Wilkins. " ahahaha..
"Strangely, they had some short soccer-player looking guy out there called Dickau or something. Really no business on the court at all"
"At the end of the 3rd, Silas (who was sitting right in front of us, across the court from the team) waved to the coaches, held up his cell phone, and then the numbers 9-1-1." ouch.


studying in sch's real sian sometimes..
must finish copying and understanding s5 before i go home...


"Woman was taken out of man --
not out of his head, to rule over him;
nor out of his feet, to be trampled under by him;
but out of his side, to be equal to him --
under his arm, that he might protect her,
and near his heart that he might love her.

nice quote. saw it here

check out these two sons by relatively new group Conjure One :
Centre of the Sun
Tears From the Moon
intresting titles right? not bad lar ambient music which grows on you..

as for the ho po fun saga.. you can get the video here..
shes been like that for a very long time lar juz tt it wasnt brought to light only.. no comment... not much good to say about gp teachers thou.

listening to cafe de flore 1.. borrowed the disc from jlow..
quite good in fact even though i don't understand a word of it cos its in french...

to you : really like our sentosa photos! ;p

oh yea jlow has asked me to change this blog to a private blog so it won't show up on search engines.. so private its going. jlow i want tt song!! put it in your thumbdrive for me!!!~ thx..


sch's started..
not sure where i wanna go for uni... and what courses to take in uni...
gotta start studying for prelims soon... now juz reading my j1 lit books. its a start..


juz finished watching the remaining 5 shorts of the animatrix...
incredible animation.. and when you think about some of the stories they can be frightening... really frightening.
makes you think what if...? sometimes
great show. think it could be even better than the matrix:reloaded.

also added chalene's blog and
caixia's blog to the links.

played pool with jlow tdy.. not as rusty as i thought id be... but was so tired we played 16 games in abt 2 hours... score was 9-7... jlow 9 me 7
breadtalk's hokaiido dome is nice.. light with just a hint of sweetness
n the texture is good too inside fluffy yet firm and outside juz slightly crispy
oh and tornado, the black one with white cream whirl has hot chicken inside didnt know that..
didnt play bball after all tdy.. was too tired after pool session so came home and slept from like 5 to 7.. then went out for dinner.

watched the first 4 shorts of animatrix.. final flight of the osiris, 2nd renassiance parts 1 and ii, and program. stunning graphics, some slightly disturbing thou. expands on the story behind the matrix. shouldve watched it in the cinema..


juz switched to a much cleaner blog template..~
pure n simple
even the comments system has a new clean template..

oh btw check out screamingpsychodoodles
its olivia's site. cool drawings esp. the psycho-path

common tests are finally over
human geog's not gonna pull my phy geog up by much...


lit s .. if i dont get ungraded the sun will rise in the west and flocks of pigs will fly past a blue moon. lousy writing on my part.

econs ok lar..