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recommended cd

The Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones : New York City
distributed by MusicStreet

at first when i listened to it i thought it wasn't that good.. but the more i listen to it the more it grows on me
wonderful music
there are only seven tracks, and standout tracks include New York City (01), ...
on second thoughts all of them are standout tracks. yup. its that good.

it may be a tad expensive though, paying $18.90 at sembawang music (usually the cheapest) for a cd with only 7 songs/30:04 of music, but i think its quite worth it.~


yeah. she cant take criticism. blowing her top now.

Ong Bak : Muay Thai Warrior is a masterpiece. the plot isn't much but the action is amazing. and the thing is Tony Ja did every single stunt himself, without wires, without stunt doubles. incredible. don't just read it here, go watch it and be amazed.

Matrix : Revolutions the action's not bad, especially the scene where the humans of zion and the machines have their battle for the city of zion itself. great effects. like mechwarrior x 3000 times. but the story's just an attempt to tie up all the loose ends. and if the endings not blatant christian symbolism, i don't know what it is - give neo a shining light cross in the centre of his chest? put him on an altar?

yknow something?
my mother cant take any criticism. suggest that there's the slightest chance that there's something that could be better about anything she says or plans or does and she will blow up. and make everyone in the house suffer.
its really no use talking to her. like talking to a wall.

speaking of that, i think she might enjoy talking to a wall. when she talks to you, and she can go on for hours on end, she doesn't care about your responses. she says something, you respond, and she totally ignores what you say and just continues with what she is saying. she should just go talk to a wall it'd be the same. and the wall wouldn't even get irritated.




when a woman doesnt work doesnt do household chores what is she?


am studying far too little, considering a level's in 6 days...
sighz... yet i still dont feel stressed...
brought kyo to sch to lend suchang... then the canteen drinks stall auntie saw them and asked me my exams still in 6 days how come i so releaxed..