created a midi of the girl from ipanaema so that there could be music on this site.. but the midi conversion from wav sounded real bad..

Garota de Ipanaema / The Girl From Ipanaema

Olha que coisa mais linda,
mais cheia de graça
É ela menina
que vem que passa
Num doce balanço
caminho do mar

Moça do corpo dourado
do sol de Ipanema
O seu balançado
é mais que um poema
É a coisa mais linda
que eu já vi passar

Ah, porque estou tão sozinho
Ah, porque tudo e tão triste
Ah, a beleza que existe
A beleza que não é só minha
que também passa sozinha

Ah, se ela soubesse
que quando ela passa
O mundo sorrindo
se enche de graça
E fica mais lindo
por causa do amor

Tall and tan
and young and lovely
the girl from Ipanema
goes walking
and when she passes
each one she passes
goes ahhh

When she walks
she's like a samba
that swings so cool
and sways so gently
that when she passes
each one she passes
goes ahhh

Oh, but he watches so sadly
How can he tell her he loves her
Yes, he would give his heart gladly
but each day when she walks to the sea
she looks straight ahead not at he

Tall and tan
and young and lovely
the girl from Ipanema
goes walking
and when she passes
he smiles but she doesn't see
she just doesn't see

intresting idea to think abt...
do angels have angels too?


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sick at home..
hate being sick...
had to actually go sick bay yesterday for the first time since what.. pri4?
alamak.. :(
must have been the run on sunday.. cos i was so psyched up went n run 3.2... n it was raining...
been drinking bottles n bottles of water.. must get well by tmr... guangyi's coming down tmr...

oh abt 2.4...
latest one was 10.25.. realised that my new shoes actually weigh 1 kg.. shall wear lighter shoes n run 2.4 next time...
yup thanks shawn for your interval training advice will go try it out for a month or so...

lost my specs.. :( duuno where they are now..

a bit stressed by sat ii and toefl.. still havent signed up for toefl yet...
sat ii seems quite tough maybe shld start preparing a month or so in advance...
but now im at home whole day doing no work at all juz slacking the day away..


hey all been a real long time since i last posted..
didnt know i actually have an audience~ hey wilfred hey sunshine ;p

made it to the team.. yeah!!!!!~
but still not guranteed yet if there are a lot of good 2nd intakers still may not keep my place... or if other ppl improve alot or i drop...
psyched up now!~

2.4's still stuck around 1030.. cant seem to go below that dont know why
trying to keep up with jiunhaur for the first two rounds but he always pulls away by the 1 1/2 round..
1st round : 10m behind him.. 1.25
2nd round : 50m behind him and tired... 1.41
after that getting more and more tired n speed goes down.. argh

got game coming up tmr~
heh think me n suchang can get telepathic communication if we play together alot more... as in mo4 qi4

hey sunshine.. as u said now 2 of the 3 balls are falling in place (=
love you...
really looking foward to friday... its my first real one too.. ;p
great spending time w u tdy talking n watching u sleep *grin*
ure looking more beautiful every day..~